Who We Are

Capital Renovations Group is a Dallas-based general contractor that brings to life the creative vision of our clients through architect-driven custom homes, major residential remodels, luxury kitchen, bath, and master suite renovations, as well as unique living spaces—to include home offices, home gyms, custom closets, wine cellars, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and more. In particular, we thrive on finding creative solutions to complicated architectural projects. The more complex, the better! From transformed interiors to captivating outdoor living areas, Capital Renovations Group brings a unique team of experts together to collaborate on your new custom home or renovation project to make it a resounding success.

Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating over 20 years in business, President Paul J. Zuch brings more than three decades of home building and remodeling experience to Capital Renovations Group. We draw on our vast network of professional resources for design, trade partners, and supply chain to build long-term relationships with our expert partners and the loyal clients we proudly serve. Thanks to our culture of collaboration and ingenuity we thrive on referrals and keeping clients for life.

Culture of Collaboration

“Seamless collaboration between the top residential architects and interior designers in the region creates a culture where the best, brightest, and most creative ideas win,” says Paul Zuch, President. “ So we strive to encourage continuous communication and trusted partnership between every expert working on your home. This results in a warm, inviting, and creative atmosphere where talent can shine and you get the very best out of your entire design-build team.”

Capital Renovations Group is proudly responsible for assembling and engaging the unique design team that is best suited for your personalized style, budget, and timeline. At the heart of every successful project is the everyday working relationships that Capital Renovations Group nurtures with experts who trust us to build their innovative designs. These warm relationships empower architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects, and pool builders to bring your vision of the perfect home to life.


Commitment to Excellence

“Everyone says excellence is their goal,” Paul insists, “but delivering on that promise takes unflinching commitment. The devil, as they say, is in the details: ensuring excellence in communication, project planning, scheduling, materials procurement, construction management, building code compliance, and a myriad of other essential tasks all required to deliver your project on-time and within budget.”

That Capital Renovations Group commitment is demonstrated each and every day through investment in employee training, continuing education, certifications, and project management software that all help to keep your home renovation project running smoothly.

“Excellence isn’t simply in how we work,” continues Paul, “but how well we focus on and understand our clients’ individual needs. We listen closely not only to your dreams but your budget restraints.” By orchestrating a team at the onset of a project, including the architect, interior designer, the homeowner and builder who collaborate and actively work together, Capital Renovations Group dramatically effects a project’s ability to complete on time and within an agreed-upon budget, while also minimizing costly re-work.


Our Values—What we feel is important

  • Create a culture of collaboration and excellence on every project
  • Solve complex renovation challenges with ingenuity, creativity, and determination
  • Achieve superior outcomes through rigorous and meaningful collaboration with architects,
    interior designers, and project management staff
  • Listen closely to clients and proactively communicate on a frequent basis
  • Remain detailed-focused, flexible and responsive to all parties throughout the life of a project
  • Build long-term relationships with clients and team collaborators
  • Bring out the best in our experts to turn client dreams into reality
  • Create personalized experiences for our clients that make them feel like family
  • Stay true to our award-winning reputation as one of the region’s best remodeling contractors

Are you ready to bring your unique home project to life?