Indoor Bathrooms That Connect with Outdoor Spaces

One designer’s trend that is catching on quickly is the strategic placement of the bathroom. The modern bathroom is assuming the shape of a stylish and soothing retreat. Many designers are creating bathrooms that visually and architecturally connect with the outdoors. The idea is to bring a natural extension of the house and marry it with the outside to ensure that you have the best view of both worlds. Glass walls are among the favorite choices in bringing the outdoors inside. These updated bathrooms are designed to create a connection to the outdoors without sacrificing privacy.

Splitting the shower area and the bathtub space between the interior and the outdoors is another unique choice. This also lets you work around any issues with interior space and gives the bathroom an airy atmosphere. Even if you don’t have an expansive backyard, all you need is a small niche next to the bathroom outdoors to turn it into a wonderful shower area.

Many homeowners are eager to create a lavish bathroom that allows rejuvenation. In this quest for a fabulous spa-like bathroom, designers have been able to quite literally merge the line between the interior and the outdoors. A beautifully designed bathroom blends complete privacy with an affinity for nature. Today’s bathroom can truly feel like an extension of your outdoor space.

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