Create a mood with color

Color is one of the key elements of design, and its use is somewhat complex. Different hues convey particular emotions, and choosing the appropriate color palette can add significant value to an interior design project.

Tips for selecting the right palette

Using an infographic can help you simplify this complicated process of selecting the right colors for your home. Capital Renovations has a complete color infographic focused on designing for the home.


Before planning your interior color…

When selecting the color scheme, also consider other aspects such as the home’s lighting and the actual functions of the room. The answers to these questions will lead you to your new color scheme:
1. Where is the room?
2. How many windows are there and which direction do they face?
3. Is there landscaping outside that will have an effect on the colors in the room?
4. Who will use the room, and what will they do there? Is it private or community space?
5. Will it be a sociable and active place, or a peaceful place?

The goal is to select the ideal colors for each room of your home to create a relaxing, functional and comfortable environment.


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