You can make your kitchen more beautiful, more functional, and better organized than ever. And let’s face it, we’re spending more and more time in our kitchens. For many families, the kitchen is literally the hub of the home. The top three kitchen trends for 2015 are:

Open Flow

“If you are looking for that open flow kitchen, you are simply not going to get it in an older home,” says Sherry Zuch, Vice President of Capital Renovations. Open floor plans allow us to gather comfortably and transition easily into other rooms with seamless living functions into the foyer, kitchen, dining and living areas. Fixtures and colors can easily be changed, but a kitchen that is too small for a family’s needs will never be in vogue. Designing a new kitchen involves more than selecting countertops, colors, lighting and appliances. How the kitchen fits and functions within the entire home, and the impacts of technology and sustainability options are as integral to a successful design as selecting an appropriate color palette.

Organic Lines

Forget straight lines and right angles, organic shapes are in for 2015. Not only are rounded shapes visually pleasing, they also encourage a more natural circular traffic flow. Imagine never bumping into a sharp corner again. Breaking up the conventional straight and boxy look in soft new ways lends for better flow. Rounded kitchen sinks, curved faucets, bowed cabinetry, and curvaceous islands are changing the shape and feel of the kitchen’s usually linear spaces. On this island, a stainless steel cylinder holds the kitchen sink and rounds out the corner for a pleasant departure from the expected.

kitchenIntegrated Appliances

Whether you’re building a brand new home from the ground up, or you’re interested in doing a complete kitchen remodel, Capital Renovations can assist you in designing that perfect layout for flow and function.

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