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It all begins with a vision or idea.  When a homeowner decides to remodel their home, they turn to a professional who turns those dreams into reality.  Those ideas and visions need to be developed into detailed plans.

When homeowners approach us about a renovation, they always have a vision but have an unclear understanding of what it will take to get there.  During our first meeting with potential clients, Capital Renovations Group clearly defines our process and explains why the Design Build Remodeling experience is critical for an extensive remodel.

So what is Design Build Remodeling and why is it important?

It is when a design team is associated with the same team that is building/remodeling your project.  This team typically consists of a designer, architect or in some cases even a structural engineer.  What is the greatest benefit to the homeowner who works with a design build firm?  The client has one main point of contact from their first call thru design, construction and warranty period.  This definitely creates less confusion for what is about to be done.  Everyone works together as a team.  With less confusion, the intent of the design and budget considerations are better managed with the design build process.

When your entire team works together, the communication is fluid and everyone is on the same page.  Everyone knows the capabilities of the other persons on the team.  And, if a problem occurs, the contractor and designer team work together for a solution. A remodeling project has many moving parts.  You are not starting with a blank slate.  There is a current structure and you can’t see what is behind the walls.  Your design build team understands how the designs and plans will impact the existing space.

No matter what type of remodeling project you want to tackle for your Dallas home – whole house, kitchen remodel or bath remodel, outdoor living space, room addition, or interior remodeling, your Design Build Remodeler knows exactly how to turn your vision into a reality.  Your existing structure will merge flawlessly with your newly designed space.  After the dust settles, you will enjoy your new space and never doubt your decision to use a team.

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